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Since its launch in January 2006,  Dr.Mohamed Loan Firm has successfully and strongly established itself, spread across the country's broad financial landscape, with a network of over 6 branches that serves over 206 customers.

Our primary services constitute financing of SME for working capital and growth, loans for commercial vehicles and two-wheelers, home improvement loans, loans against property, personal loans, working capital loans for urban self-employed and loans for rural livelihood advancement, rural housing finance and financing of various rural micro enterprises.

Working together with over 90 employees, we reach our market by connecting with millions of customers, be it in cities, towns or villages, right at their doorstep. We penetrate deep inside the market through more than 6 branches, covering 600 towns and approximately 500 villages.

Dr.Mohamed Loan Firm  Credit Company Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of  Dr.Mohamed Loan Firm Financial Holdings Pte. Ltd., which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of  Dr.Mohamed Holdings Pte. Ltd.,Egypt .  Dr.Mohamed Loan Firm  Holdings invests in financial institutions in emerging markets with its prime focus on Business and Consumer banking.